Private 90 minute Yoga coaching session with Alexis


  • 15min phone call or questionnaire completed prior to our first session ensuring we are on the same page.
  • You come to my studio in Coogee, Sydney.
  • Become empowered: depending on your specific imbalances, where you may be: tight, inflexible, experiencing pain, over flexible, stiff, weak, strong.You will learn how to correct these issues and bring yourself back into balance through Hatha & Kundalini Yoga.
  • Increase your confidence “ I will show you how to take your new found practice off the mat and incorporate it into your everyday life.

Additional extras
Access to a private Facebook group to connect with all who have received Yoga Meditation Sound’s services. A friendly supportive community to help each other in practicing the principles and staying on the path.

+Tailored meditations based on your unique requirements (using my skills as a Kinesiologist.)


$150 per 1.5 hr session

Get to know me – your Yoga Coach. I had an idyllic up bringing in the bush lands of southern Sydney. From here I took on the big city, completing a Bachelor of Commerce and going on to explore the wider world via a career in London at The Coca-Cola Company. Two things came out of this a deep love of foreign cultures, travel and a desire for deeper meaning in life.

Seeking to expand my experiences and to heal sporting injuries, I discovered Yoga. It clicked almost immediately and started to provide some answers to those deeper questions. Combining my earlier studies in business, learning from old cultures and the ancient wisdom of Yoga, I help people transition between a demanding external life and the healing ways of understanding and settling the deeper inner life.
I have studied and taught extensively in various countries including Australia, France, Indonesia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Canada, India, UK and would love to share my knowledge with you.

“The Yoga Meditation Sound Yoga Coaching Program ultimately shifted my whole world. By incorporating the various tools and techniques into my life, I came to know so much more about myself and how to change what wasn’t working. Alexis’ kind, compassionate and professional approach allowed me to release what has been holding me back for so long. I am eternally grateful.”
Alexandra Michelle – Fitness & Wellness Trainer

I will help you reconnect, restore balance and wellbeing, using one-on-one and small group classes both in corporate settings and privately. I provide Holistic Lifestyle and Postural Assessments and will design a tailored program to your specific needs (using muscle testing as a qualified Kinesiology Practitioner.) I will help you refine and achieve your goals so you can move toward your highest potential. My passion for yoga and a greater life has seen me expand my offerings into a unique Awaken Mind Body Spirit program.

Do you feel a bit stuck or a bit stiff? Do you get aches and pains, feel somewhat inflexible or know you are sitting at your desk for way too long and it’s effecting how you feel? Do you want to become physically stronger and more flexible? Is your day consumed with chatter going on in your head? Does this affect how you are feeling depending on what you are thinking? Yes, it does. Because everyone goes through this.

Shift out of the downward spiral, remold your body, become inwardly calm, flexible, physically + mentally strong and ULTIMATELY HAPPIER.

This program may be for you if:

  • You would like expert advice to develop your own yoga practice
  • You want a tailored meditation plan to calm your busy mind + experience inner peace
  • You want to practice yoga but you haven’t the time to make it to a regular class
  • You are new to yoga, don’t feel confident to attend a class, or don’t know where to begin
  • you have an injury or specific needs that aren’t catered for in a general class
  • You want to look and feel more youthful, flexible, energetic and alive
  • You want to unleash the Goddess inside, in other words you are sick of playing small!
  • You want to remove physical and mental tension by improving stress management
  • You want true relaxation and improved sleep patterns
  • You want to raise yourself esteem, give clarity of thought and help find your purpose
  • You want to create harmony, peace, joy + contentment

Before working with Alexis, I was on track with what I wanted from life in terms of my career and socially but I didn’t have any devices to kick start me into gear. I constantly found myself focusing on an end result rather than being in the moment and enjoying myself in the NOW.

After working with Alexis I have gone through a dramatic shift and am continually noticing how her work has positively impacted my life. Alexis is a great coach; genuine, compassionate, warm and very supportive. I feel more connected to who I am than ever before. I have learned to be present and to stop worrying about the future or holding on to the past. I feel like a different person! I am so much happier and excited about life. I have learned to love me and deal with any situation that comes up. To live the life of your dreams, you need the right tools to get you there, Alexis will show you how. I cannot recommend her enough.”
Zozo Bahrami – Civil Engineer



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