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Integrating Yoga + Therapy + Spirituality for powerful happy living

Catering to Individuals, Groups & the Corporate arena in the areas of Therapy, Coaching& Yoga worldwide via Skype, phone or at my private practice in Sydney Australia.
Mindfully break through blocks in relationships/intimacy, weight loss/body image, addiction, depression/anxiety or finance. Learn to compassionately resolve difficult emotions such as grief, anger, resentment, loneliness, disappointment, sadness and fear.
Deep, compassionate and laser-focused on connecting with you right where you need it most, I combine the best tools of East and West, to guide you towards YOUR TRUTH, discover who you are and live with true confidence.
Imagine how it would feel to have a calm mind, be authentically happy, fulfilled and love life every day? …it would be like heaven on earth!! Here is how you can work with me in the areas of



Let go of the past and reveal your true self: Best for identifying and working through unresolved emotions, anxiety, addiction, family of origin issues, trauma, grief, relationship patterns and errors in logic that are blocking you. It is possible to feel balanced and centered, to love and accept yourself and to release your mind of anxious and trouble some thoughts, all while living the life you truly want to live.


Yoga Coaching:
Directive, dynamic and goal-oriented drawing on Hatha & Kundalini Yoga. Based on accountability and taking the action-steps necessary to achieve your desired results. Customized Yoga + Meditation practices + calm mind + strong body.


Awaken Mind Body Spirit:
Change occurs on all levels of life simultaneously. We tackle the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms together to effectively achieve total Mind Body Spirit transformation.



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