A Warm-up Yoga Sequence with Live Meditation music

Our calming yoga sequence, developed to gently warm up the body, is beginner friendly and will help cultivate Inner Peace and a sense of freedom. Our flowing and meditative 20-minute yoga sequence, paired with the subtle meditative sound of the Hand Pan will allow you...

Sound Healing Therapy

The use of sound for therapeutic healing has been practiced for hundreds of years amongst a vast array of cultures across the earth. There are many different types of sound modalities used for healing and some examples include the use of Mantras in the Hindu/Buddhist...

Sound Therapy via Sound Baths

A sound bath is a healing process and activity by which the participant lays down in a relaxed position with the aid of an eye mask and blanket to receive sounds from various harmonious instruments for deep inner healing of the mind, body and soul. At the beginning of...



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