The use of sound for therapeutic healing has been practiced for hundreds of years amongst a vast array of cultures across the earth. There are many different types of sound modalities used for healing and some examples include the use of Mantras in the Hindu/Buddhist culture, The Icaros (medicine songs) of various indigenous tribes in South America and also the indigenous Aboriginals of Australia.

Instruments such as the Gong, Hang/Handpan, Tuning Forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls are also very commonly used in Sound Healing for the treatment of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and they also can help in the alleviation of physical pains and past traumatic experiences.  All of the various techniques and instruments used by these cultures all have the same internal and external intention which is to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of harmonious balance within our Body, Mind and Soul.

Living in Western societies we ingest a lot dis-harmonising sounds that continuously enter our systems such as very loud police sirens etc. As these sounds are of an artificial nature they can promote disharmony within our bodies and this is something we do not want as it can lead to a form of dis-ease. Putting the right sounds and frequencies into our systems is just as important as the correct nutritional food diet.

To maintain a healthy life balance we must continue to harmonise our bodies through sound therapy by either chanting mantras (vibrating the vocal chords) listening to and tuning into the frequency of the tibetan singing bowls and the Gong as these instruments produce very powerful healing frequencies that our ears and bodies naturally receive and attune to as they are made from naturally occurring organic metals such as silver and copper.

All of these sound modalities promote internal and external healing for the human being and this is why we must be introducing these into our lives in order to sustain healthy and happy living.



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