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Curt Hannagan

Two years ago, I experienced a certain shift in consciousness where I felt a strong desire to really discover my life’s purpose and reasons for being on this Earth. Over a period of time and  through a connection to the knowledge and wisdom of yogic practices, meditation and sound healing i was able to empower a transformation of consciousness that allowed me to understand that my journey is of a healing path in a sense of assisting people through Sound Healing using Tibetan Singing Bowls and a Hypnotic PI Handpan, Pranayama (control of the breath) and Yoga Nidra (guided meditation).

These are some of the tools that i utilise within my current Sound Healing sessions to cleanse the mind, body and soul from the build up of unwanted stagnant energies and to maintain and regulate a clear sense of thought structure and guidance/intuition for the individual. Through the introduction to Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing it has allowed me to connect deeper within my true nature of self and establish a profound connection to the universal structure of life that everything is equal and is one collectively.   

What helps me to continue to maintain happiness is living in the present moment, focusing on the now, the eternal now, letting go of past traumas and experiences and embracing change and the transformation of new life and challenges. Consuming healthy organic foods, nature walks, the ocean, yoga, meditation, sound healing are particular modalities that maintain my life in a positive way and of course composing and writing and performing music. I studied music performance and have performed in orchestras when i was in studying at college I have experience playing many percussive instruments such as Drum Kit, Tympani Drums, Vibraphones, Xylophones, Congas, Djembes, bongos, handpan and other various assorted percussive instruments.

Sound Healing Therapy Services

Online Sound Healing Therapy Sessions via Skype – Focusing on meditative Hand Pan relaxational music for the revitalisation and healing of our internal organs. The online session also specialises in the use of a 5 set of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls for deep Chakra balancing and alignment.

One on One Yoga Nidra (Guided meditations) and also group guided meditations taking the individual on a journey of sound detox therapy for the mind, body and soul through the guidance of voice and sound accompanied by 432hz Chakra healing music.

Sound Healing group sessions working with the healing frequencies of the Tibetan singing bowls to harmonise the internal organs of the body and allow the repair and the regeneration of cells. The group sessions also include deep healing therapeutic frequencies and sounds performed on the Handpan to transform the negative and stagnant energies within our energy bodies to neutralize our senses into a calmer and collected state of mind.

Private Percussion lessons and also group drumming interaction sessions to learn and understand the basics behind rhythm, musical theory and notations and also learn the various techniques behind many styles of drumming.

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WHY SOUND HEALING? The fundamental elements of sound healing comprise the ability to medicate and prevent anxiety, of feeling lost, unmotivated or having no directional purpose in life or basically feeling stuck with no direction or motivation to move forward. Sound healing allows us to channel into our body, mind and spirit positive healing energetic frequencies to boost our immune systems, cleanse our minds of blocked energy and promote a healthy, sharp and focused inner being which allows us to exceed in life to our greatest potential.

The healing frequencies I produce on the Tibetan singing bowls and the G Pentatonic Hand pan are performed for deep inner healing of our CNS (Central Nervous System) and they also maintain our internal organs into a sense of ease and in harmony with one another which then acts as a prevention of the possibility of the body transitioning into a state of dis-ease. It is understood that disease is the outcome of disharmony between the relationship of the internal organs of the body and this is why sound healing is very important to prevent this disharmonisation to occur. Living in Western society, we are constantly surrounded by a lot of toxic energy and high decibel noise from various occurrences such as city traffic and construction sites for example and this is why we must continue to heal ourselves to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. I have chosen to dedicate my life to empowering the people through sound as a way for them to be able to live a happier, focused, stress free lifestyle and be able to think clearer and to let go and control the unwanted thought patterns that continuously burden the human mind on a daily basis (like past relationships, past traumas, past lovers).

I’m currently conducting a weekly sound healing class in Sydney called “The Hour of ZEN”. The class specialises in deep therapeutic sound healing, guided meditations, mantra chanting, light movement and light breath work. The motivation that inspired me into embarking on this journey was when I felt an awakening of the senses, I had a shift of consciousness where i felt the calling to help and raise the level of healing and consciousness among the community and be a mentor, a healer and an influential speaker in promoting peace, love and unity between all living beings and to promote world peace and harmony among the human population.



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