Maintaining a calm and collected state of mind through sound

Jan 16, 2017 | Sound Healing | 0 comments

The key to maintaining a calm and collected state of mind can be achieved through many different forms of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and sound. Personally, I find that sound is the key to balancing stress levels and remaining calm during overwhelming times that we can experience throughout our daily lives.

This instrument is called the Hand Pan and it’s made from steel which is a natural occurring mineral within the Earth thus giving it its natural therapeutic sound and feeling. The notes on the hand pan are crafted and designed by specific hammering techniques to create a tonal field and when the instrument is played it emits various vibrational healing frequencies that when we listen to them our bodies and central nervous system transcend into a sense of relaxation and harmony ultimately creating inner-peace within and lowers our heart rate and enables our muscles and organs to completely shut down and enter a state of repair.

Listen to this video, close or keep your eyes open, tune into the melody of the music and focus on your breathing taking slow inhales and exhales and embrace the deep relaxation effect that it will produce within you.

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Infinite Blessings,

Yogi Curt

Yogi Curt



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