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Have you been experiencing a lack of enthusiasm, energy, focus or purpose? Bring forth Inner Peace, Radiance, Self Love and ultimately unlock your Purpose through Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, which is designed to give you “hands on” experience of your highest consciousness.

Group mantra chanting, pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga postures similar to hatha, mudras (hand positions) and relaxation. A more rigorous class to ignite your inner fire ready to take on the week ahead!
We will also be focusing on different styles of meditation each week suitable for any level of ability. You will also have the opportunity (when Curt teaches) to experience different sound scapes for deep healing and transformation on the following instruments:

  • Hang (drum)
  • Tank Drum
  • Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Rain Stick
  • Sacred Wind Chimes.
*This is a by donation event, we ask you kindly to donate what you can to help the studio continue to put these events on each week.
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