How to be productive and still energised

by | Jul 12, 2017

Following our natural energy clock 

Do you sometimes feel you are moving against the flow of energy, are not in sync or off vibration? Do you feel tired at the end of the day or drained quite easily and look to food and other things for that extra kick? I have good news, because the world we live in is governed by natural cycles of energy flow (just like women’s moon cycles).

I have unravelled specific times of the day (certain 2 hour ‘mini cycles’ through Chinese medicine) that are most appropriate and effective for specific tasks and activities so we step into a ‘state of flow’ within our body, don’t get burnt out and actually increase our productiveness without becoming drained and tired. When we understand the natural daily cycles of energy that our body moves through, we allow ourselves the opportunity for increased creativeness, success and EPICNESS by synching up with the Natural 24 hour energy cycle that exist on this planet… give me some more of that i say!

You may be wondering why it is so important we do this? When we create a natural flow of energy in our body and connect to the natural energy around us and relax into a balanced state, all dis-ease has the opportunity to disappear because we shift from a state of dis-ease (out of sync) to ease and we begin to move into alignment. And how do we know we are in alignment? It is simple, we feel relaxed and have a sense of being in our body. This is not some new age teaching, we are actually drawing upon ancient knowledge specifically via Chinese medicine, the natural laws of the universe we live in.

Relaxation, contentment and joy is our natural state of being! But many of us are not actually living in this state…

The present state of the world is moving from an information age into an intuitive age where the commodity now has drastically changed from information to intuition. It used to be how much how much information you have, but because information is now available for every one, it is the ability to connect to your intuitive wisdom and make the right decisions of what information to take in and what information to give, what you do with the information and the wisdom we are able to receive.

Being present, intuitive and connected allows us to feel, move and inspire in that same way. It is normal to be intuitive, relaxed, well rested and radiant. When we connect to the natural rhythms of this world and our body, a beautiful thing happens, inner and outer guidance naturally begins to open up, it becomes our normal way of being.

On another note, it is interesting to note realise that the Chinese didn’t take up the Industrial Revolution, partly as they could see this way of ‘being’ was out of harmony. So the trend we are seeing with the merging of east and west at this time is happening because we are looking back towards the East to shift into a more harmonious flow.

If we are in harmony with nature, we are self governed, as we are in alignment with everything, our body/mind/soul and environment around us. This allows us to be a leader in our life, to make the right decisions and inspire others.

Because the world is made up of specific laws (various cycles), the natural order of the universe prevails everywhere and this is what governs the order of life and nature, and  so it is up to us to either leverage from these natural cycles, work with these laws to leverage and thrive or live in dis-ease, out of sync, on a low vibration and eventually burn out, like so many we see today. Think about it in a metaphorical sense, where we are either swimming with the tides or against them.

Every two hours a particular organ is flooded with energy, prana, chi, or whatever word you feel more connected to. If this is a new concept, just think of more blood flow going to that organ.

Below I have put together a two hour energetic guide map, so you can leverage from the natural energy of the universe and your body. You will find what your natural energy will be at various cycles of the day and what it is best to focus on at these specific cycles so you ride the ‘energetic wave’ and experience more radiance, flow and success!


1 – 3am: LIVER – Wood Element

We need to get enough sleep at this time otherwise we will naturally feel angry and easily irritated. Best time to rest, replenish, restore, recover and go deep into spirit dreaming. We have less ego conditioning at this time, higher purpose knowledge comes through

3 – 5am: LUNGS – Metal Element

Best time to be waking up before the sun rises. Quietness, breathe slow and deep. Don’t start thinking too much

5 – 7am LARGE INTESTINE – Metal

Focus on letting go, good time for bowel movement. Start to move your body with yoga or some other form of practice so you can start to move those messages from the dream world through all the cells in your body. Your mission for the day is being coded through your cells. Set the tone of the day. Let go of yesterday

7 – 9am STOMACH – Earth Element

Be quiet, chill, action is coming, ground and start to eat (protein is good to ground) towards 9am and then become action oriented. Don’t talk or do anything while you eat. You must earth in the morning, so best to eat protein, do squats, get your feet into the earth otherwise you may feel scattered

9 – 11am SPLEEN – Earth Element

Go go go, take massive action. Get your most challenging tasks completed. Celebrate your success. You are both grounded and charged. Focus, knuckle down and go for it! Good time for addressing challenging conversations

11 – 1pm HEART ENERGY – Fire Element

Best time for inspirational meetings. Yang energy is at its highest. Set inspiring meetings, hang out with friends, enjoy an interesting lunch

1 – 3pm SMALL INTESTINE – Fire Elements

Start to slow down and enjoy the view. Start to cruise and step back a notch. Be proud of what you’ve already done

3 – 5pm BLADDER – Water Elememt

Pull back a bit more. Reflective time. Best to not make big decisions, or try and sole problems. We are moving further away from the spirit world

5 – 7pm KIDNEY – Water Element

Change your clothes to further shift gears. Good time for sex, to further unwind. Don’t make big decisions

7 – 9pm PERICARDIUM – Fire Element

Best time for creativity, listen to music, listen to others, best to not watch the news or anything negative/stressful. A time for softness, fun, play

9 – 11pm TRIPLE BURNER – Fire Element

Great time to unwind and listen to music, further calm your system and get ready for your mystical sleep. Decorate your bedroom, sleep is very sacred and important. We find our purpose through sleep. Dream space gives access to it, and then it is best to exercise in the morning to move the download (insights received from dreaming) through our 10 bodies and all cells

11 – 1am GALL BLADDER – Wood Element

Ask questions before you sleep with whatever guidance you need. Get to sleep latest 11pm. Avoid computers and phones as the heart organ is directly connected through the eyes, so the heart becomes disturbed by the bright flickering screens


  1. Get your mornings in sync and aligned. Everything else comes out of that. Make sure you eat breakfast to ground yourself in the morning.
  2. Wide belly (deep breathing) and exercise in the morning to get your energy flowing and distribute the download from the spirit world through your body
  3. Slow down and bring more presence into your life
  4. Get to bed before 11pm
  5. Daytime is for earth activities and big decisions and action, for example crunching numbers, nighttime is for creativity and nourishing, spirituality and mystical realms
  6. Those who can sustain it can survive. We hit our peak when we have been working in our passion for approximately 10 years. So it is important to ride the wave so we do not burn out mid way
  7. Sustain and nourish yourself and ride the energy. Smooth consistent flow of energy is the key
  8. For energy eat protein. If you still lack energy take a power nap
  9. Focus on building organ strength through for example strong yoga poses, martial arts etc. The more tone in our muscles, the more digestive strength, and with more digestive strength the less energy required for digestion and so then the more energy you will have to use in your life. Strength training is also good for organ strength
  10. Breath is key to having good energy, good blood flow, healthy organs. Ensure you breathe slow and deep especially in the morning. This will charge you for the day
  11. Remember, the most influential person in the room is the one breathing the deepest and slowest
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