How to attract a good partner?

Jan 19, 2017 | Blog, Meditation | 0 comments

The simple sentence “we attract what we are” changed so much for me. I think many people live from a place of ‘go out and get what we want’, but we haven’t realised life doesn’t naturally flow when we are focused on getting, rather than giving. Because it is true, we do attract what we are, if we are living with this perspective of seeking, looking outside of our self, striving to ‘find’ something or someone who will make us feel better, we will always be disappointed because we will attract someone else who is also looking outside of themselves and so then who are we both connecting to? We will not feel deeply satisfied because we will be connecting from a shallow place.

It’s like a mountain not feeling worthy, complete, or enough and looking for a stream or some more trees, animals, flowers or more sun to make it happier, ok, replete. This seems crazy doesn’t it, well this is what we sometimes turn to when we become disconnected from our self. If the mountain loves i’ts earth and allows the soil to rest upon it’s slopes, the natural environment of the worms and bugs to move through and oxygenate the soil, the fire from the sun to allow for photosynthesis, the rain to wash away the old leaves and hydrate the plants and the fresh air to bring life and movement, it will be very radiant, healthy and free.

Because we are a part of nature just like the mountain, if we embrace what we have been given; a MIND so incomprehensibly powerful and vast, a BODY with incredible innate intelligence and ability to self heal and a SPIRIT so pure, innocent and magical at its core, we will undoubtedly fall in love with our-self, we will start to see the miracle that we are. And when we honestly FEEL this inside, we naturally share this positive, loving and graceful energy with others, and then we attract someone else with similar energy. We connect from a place of love, depth and giving,

How to embrace the miracle that we are through the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT?

  • Respect your BODY. Get to know your body better, move it in ways it likes to move. Does dancing make you come alive, swimming, weights, yoga, jogging, soccer? By moving it in ways that make it happy, it will come alive, flow more, have more energy and be in less resistance.
  • The BREATH is incredibly important as this is what is keeping us alive and is naturally happening all the time. Become conscious of your breathing, you could set a reminder on your phone to go off a few times per day and focus on breathing deep for 5 minutes. When we connect to the breath we become more present, and presence allows us to connect more within and feel the miracle of being alive.
  • Speak to a trusted friend(s)/teacher/mentor/therapist about the thoughts in the MIND which you believe that are sabotaging your ability to embrace the miracle you are. Question whether they are real. Maybe you hear a lot of “i”m not enough, there’s something wrong with me, i’m not smart enough, i’m not lovable, i don’t belong”. Sometimes just by speaking about them we can release their burden. Dig into where they came from and if they are even your beliefs? Place the intention of releasing the negative belief and repeat a mantra which is the opposite of the negative belief, for example “i’m not lovable would be “I infinitely loved.”
  • Look back at how far you’ve come. The human SPIRIT is so strong and remarkably adaptable. Think about all your achievements, struggles, hardships, the journey you’ve taken so far and notice how you always made it through. Your breath still came, your heart continued to pump, your cuts healed, hair grew, digestion worked, maybe it even grew a baby…. your innate intelligence was there for you and always will be – what an absolute miracle! Connect to this truth inside, and watch for what miracles you magnetise.

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