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Curt Hannagan (Yoga Meditation Sound) is now offering private one to one and group Hang (drum) lessons for all levels.

You might have heard this instrument and felt an instant connection by the healing, therapeutic and harmonic properties that the sound creates? Most people connect to the instrument naturally as the sound and frequency produced is a type of vibrational healing for the mind, body and spirit.

What are the features of the class?

· Learn basic left/right hand coordination

· Understand how to play a wide range of rhythms to further build your confidence.

· Develop and get a feel of how to combine the rhythm and melody together to create a song

· Develop a strong understanding of dynamics (playing loud and soft)

· Master the art of playing in time, following the tempo and feeling the groove.

DURATION: Students have the choice of 60 or 90-minute classes!

Investment & Value Packages

· 60 Minute Drop In Class – $80.00

· 90 Minute Drop In Class – $120.00

· 5 Class Pass – $380.00

· 10 class pass – $500.00


· We are super excited to offer any of our students who are currently on the 5 or 10 class pass package a 20% discount to ALL of our YMS workshops and individual classes! This is a great saving for anyone who is wanting to elevate and transform their mind, body & spirit to the next level!



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