Chakra Elevation – A 4 Week Course


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Location: Yoga Meditation Sound in Coogee. 8/102 Dudley St.

Date: Coming Soon

The cost of this course is $120 for the 4 weeks which needs to be paid in full to book your space. Drop ins are allowed pertaining to availability, exchange is $40. + Cost also includes light refreshments – nibbles, filtered water and home made chai tea. We cater to a boutique audeince, places are limited, please book your mat Now!


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International teacher and Founder Alexis Hannagan is in Sydney for the month of August. We are very excited to host her workshops, 1:1’s and One Day Urban Retreat. Please book in ahead of time as we are a boutique studio and cater to an intimate audience.

Alexis brings with her a fresh insight from recent countries such as Iran, India and Indonesia. Come and share in her energy, knowledge and experience from her most recent projects in The Himalayas, Kerala, Bali and Canada before she jets off to Sri Lanka. Are you evolving so fast that you’re finding it challenging to stay grounded and able to manage this physical reality? Grounding and balancing the 1st Chakra, (the Root) may be required. Or are you lacking creativity, inspiration, expression and flow? You may need to balance and clear your 2nd chakra. Or perhaps you find it hard to stand in your power and speak your truth, you may need to look at your 3rd and 4th chakras. The chakras are connected to our Mind, Body and Spirit,it is essential to learn how to tune into yourself, know where you are at and then also have the tools and techniques to stay balanced and thriving.

CHAKRA ELEVATION COURSE – A four week course.

Explore the use of yoga postures, pranayama, mudras, mantras, chanting and meditation to bring harmony and balance to your chakras, primarily through the use of Kundalini Yoga. Each week we will explore different asanas, meditations, tools and techniques to activate our 7 chakras.


Introduction to chakras in general. Then focus on base chakra using a yoga sequence to get grounded and connect to earth. Then focusing on the sacral chakra using a Yoga sequence and meditation practice to awaken creativity and expressive energy.


Focus on solar plexus and heart chakra. Exploring our relationships with others and our relationship with self. Using yoga and meditation to improve self confidence and power and to open the heart.


Focus on the throat chakra. Yoga poses and meditation to help us speak our truth and be in our power. Many of us are shut down in the throat chakra, we will do an exercise to clear it out.


Focus on third eye and crown chakra. Spending more time on meditation and gentle yin poses. Exploring the use of crystals to balance and awaken these two chakras.


The Kundalini retreat at Ubud Yoga Centre was my first Kundalini lesson and I found the teacher Alexis a wonderful heart centered woman.

The environment was exiting. She prepared the days very professionally. There was room for laughter, enjoyment and fun.

The start was with Sadhana. Because it was my first time I wasn’t prepared for this. But I tried to do my best. After the Sadhana there was interesting, practical and deep learnings to understand how to live with more radiance. After this we did the exercises and Alexis was explaining for which organ the exercise related to. At the end we had a wonderful meditation with live music. It helped me to relax, release making me feel lighter and more youthful.

Even thought Kundalini yoga can be very intense method, Alexis presented it in such a way that i felt held, relaxed, deeply connected within.

Th transformative effect has been deeply felt even after departing Ubud, and now back in the Netherlands, I continue to do Kundalini yoga, it has become a part of my life. What I really love is the combination of exercises with breathing and singing mantra’s because of the speed at which it clears my entire being and makes me more positive, energetic and happy while fitter.

I am so grateful I met Alexis, my new appreciation of mantras has allowed me to feel deeply inside my body for the first time, the vibrations have reduced a lot of stress, disharmony and rigidity. Alexis gave me such a precious experience of Kundalini Yoga, an experience that has now allowed me to release certain blocks in my life and live with more feminine grace, inner peace and self love.

Thankyou, Alexis

Lisette Timmermans


Wow, meeting Alexis Hannagan in Bali has been a truly life changing experience for me. I work and travel the world holding consciousness raising events and workshops , and meet many people on my path, however this connection with Alexis has allowed me to breath more fully into my radiant being by attending her transformative Kundalini Yoga classes. Not only does she hold sacred presence, she fully lives and breathes the Kundalini practise, infusing gong meditations, heart touching live mantra singing and traditional ancient yogic practises, in an authentic way aligned to support humanity during these accelerated times of change and heightened consciousness.

Alexis is articulate, professional and focused and takes time for her students after class to answer questions, offer resources and shine her light brightly on all those around her. My love for Kundalini Yoga was further ignited by her commitment to her pathway, her cheerful and uplifting disposition and her free spirited ways of life style design. With Alexis' dedicated support and inspiration I now practice daily and the trans-formative effects are rippling through my life providing more inner peace, focus, inspiration and energy.

I highly recommend participating in Alexis’s classes, workshops, 1:1's and retreats, they will certainly nourish your mind, body & spirit and give you the powerful boost you need to push past your blocks.

Bascha Meier

(NZ born, globally present) Internationally renowned Medium, Source Constellation Facilitator & Trainer, Visionary, Intuitive Empowerment Expert, Language of Light Activator/Channel ,

I have known Alexis for over five years now as a fellow yoga teacher, and have taught at her studio Yoga Meditation Sound. Alexis is a dynamic, inspiring and illuminated yoga teacher, who is in a mission to uplift and transform our planet. She brings passion and excellence to everything she does, and makes a huge contribution to her students all around the world. I love collaborating with her and look forward to seeing what she does next!

Maya Stange

Kundalini Yoga Teacher,

I have been doing the Yoga Meditation Class for 6 weeks, and I can clearly see my progress. I feel more balanced and less anxious. The Full moon workshop has also been very powerful for me. During these weeks I'm feeling much more connected to my essence and intuition. I find that Yoga, Meditation and Sound is such a powerful combination healing which affects people in beautiful and different ways. Also, the energy of the studio and the teacher Curt are just incredible.

Liliane Tolentino


After an invitation to join my first ever yoga class apart from a sacred initiation into a nath yoga I thought why not? It was unlike what i ever thought yoga would be like. I felt cleared, less anxious and far more positive and healthy energetically and felt the community Curt created with his sister Alexis was warm loving and a great vibe of people both connecting and very intelligent. I feel this yoga is working in a powerful way and it confirms that Prana is real and that Kundalini is a real ancient science. It sure is a wonderful loving experience and also highly invigorating! Absolutely recommended! It also has opened me to the unconditional love inside myself that was otherwise hidden behind layers of judgmentalism. It certainly has helped shape me internally in ways that are high vibrational and its something that can heal my emotional weekly unease of the body etc and create a lifetime of better energy and balance.


Sydney, Australia

Yoga Mediation and Sound is a welcoming and encouraging place that expertly guides students in  techniques to raise energy levels and find new levels of relaxation. In particular, Curt Hannagan, is encouraging and celebrates the diversity in the room creating at atmosphere of joy and non judgement.  As a new practitioner I felt safe to explore kundalini yoga and was excited to embark on this journey of learning. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who want to explore new ways to feel more energy and find more inner peace.

Layla Mcneil

If you are looking for a class that brings you back to the present moment , and to yourself .. Curt's classes will have these effects . But It goes beyond. Curt's classes are unique, filled with authenticity, love, depth. His experience as a musician and knowledge about kundalini make the class unique. It's a real treat . For me personally, I have been able to feel more confident, have much greater clarity of the mind also feel empowered to take action with my life and my purpose!





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