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How to be productive and still energised

Do you sometimes feel you are moving against the flow of energy, are not in sync or off vibration? Do you feel tired at the end of the day or drained quite easily and look to food and other things for that extra kick? I have good news, because the world we live in is governed by natural cycles of energy flow (just like women’s moon cycles).

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Being more charismatic through the mind

I was just speaking to a beautiful young lady, a student about what she’s doing and as I heard the words falling out her of mouth, about the 9 month sabbatical and the countries she has and will go to and how she’s not sure whether she will flying to Singapore for a music concert or not.

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Planning V’s going with the flow?

Life can be seen as a mix between polarities or poles. We have the north and south pole, male and female, light and dark, hot and cold… as we sway between these polarities in life we find that life/nature/God… whatever you call it always takes us back into balance, but only if we allow it.

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