Being more charismatic through the mind

by | Jun 24, 2017

How to be more charismatic through the mind?

I was just speaking to a beautiful young lady, a student about what she’s doing and as I heard the words falling out her of mouth, about the 9 month sabbatical and the countries she has and will go to and how she’s not sure whether she will flying to Singapore for a music concert or not. I could hear the quiver in the voice and the stress in her eyes. The tension in her body and how it was closing down her natural beauty and radiance. To be conscious about the fact that no matter where we are or how our life is, we are ultimately the ones in control of how we respond to life. And this is one of the main keys to attractiveness, youthfulness and therefore charisma.

The change needs to come from our mind and how we perceive life and respond to life. Instead of responding to every event and stimuli with fear, worry, stress; if we can respond with optimism, openness and trust then our whole being can relax, and this means the energy will flow and we can constantly renew and regenerate our self and emit positive life affirming energy which attracts people naturally to us.

People want to be around other people with good energy and good vibes, this is because everyone is subconsciously looking for energy because good energy heals and gives us more life force, more happiness. I don’t care how much you say it is about looks, and the exterior, if someone is wearing designer clothes and looks like a model, but they are hollow, disconnected and negative this will be sensed immediately within our body when we meet them, our body never lies. It is as simple as feeling into whether this person makes you feel more at peace, excited about life, calm, happier,  energized etc.

The good news is if your reading this and you feel you respond to events usually with pessimism, stress, anxiety, your not alone, i have felt like this a lot of my life and many other people do. But what we can do is be thankful we have this awareness and excited for how we want to respond in the future. To change our mind and responses and therefore our energy and charisma requires awareness and cultivation like anything. Try the following:

  1. Everyday come home to yourself, appreciate your mind, it is trying to protect you. Thank yourself for having this level of consciousness to be aware of the thoughts and perspectives of your mind. We need to accept our self, where we are and allow the desire for change to come from a place of self love and acceptance. Send love and gratitude to your mind for its power and ability to focus, think inspired thoughts and solving problems.
  2. From this place of gratitude and love for yourself, reflect on what current beliefs you may have about life that are not serving you and draining your precious life energy. For example: “The world is a scary place, life is hard, im unlovable, i’m not worthy of love and belonging, i don’t deserve prosperity, money is bad, power is bad, i don’t belong, bad things happen to me”.
  3. Once you’ve identified some negative subconscious beliefs ask yourself “are they true’. And then ask yourself, “where did they come from?” My teachers, parents, peers, society, extended family? See they are not true or untrue, they are just a perspective of our mind and how we see the world through our unique lens via our unique life experiences.
  4. Because our beliefs create our reality, look at what kind of beliefs you would like to have, for example if “money is bad and “i’m not worthy of love and belonging came up”, write down the opposite for example “money is an exchange of energy and “i am worthy of love and belonging”. Stick this mantra on your wall and see it every day when you arise. Say it, breathe into your body when you say it and feel this truth in all the cells of your body. Declare this truth to yourself and celebrate it.
  5. Approach your yoga practice with this awareness of the negative beliefs that came up and thank the universe, God, divine energy – whatever feels right for you for allowing this negative energy to flow out of your life and for the positive belief to integrate into your whole being.

Awareness, love and acceptance is the key. When we connect and love both our light and dark, magic happens. We become deeper, more integrated passionate beings and this strong light from deep within can be felt by others, and it begins to positively affect them in ways we previously never could have imagined.

Being more charismatic through the mind

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