A Warm-up Yoga Sequence with Live Meditation music

Jan 8, 2017 | Sound Healing, Yoga | 1 comment

Our calming yoga sequence, developed to gently warm up the body, is beginner friendly and will help cultivate Inner Peace and a sense of freedom.

Our flowing and meditative 20-minute yoga sequence, paired with the subtle meditative sound of the Hand Pan will allow you to warm up, circulate your energy, calm your nervous system and enter into a meditative state. Simple Kundalini warm up postures, accessible for any level of experience are weaved together with ease and grace to leave you refreshed, clear headed and more at peace.

These are the perfect postures and breathing techniques a total beginner can flow through, while the more experienced practitioner can also enjoy them to go deeper within and meditate on the subtle sound current. Alexis has remained silent to assist you in going further within and so you can also focus on the healing sound of the meditation music. You will use dynamic movement paired with breathing techniques and meditation music to rejuvenate, lower stress levels and create more energy flow throughout the mind, body and spirit.

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Music by Yogi Curt.



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